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By Shawn Manderscheid

As a licensed Real Estate Professional for 25+ years, consistently performing in the Top 1% of Houston Realtors, Shawn is truly a treasure in the real estate field.

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Today, let’s delve into the impact of professional staging on maximizing your home’s sale price. Is it worth the investment? That’s precisely what we’ll explore here. In Houston in 2024, the average home size is between 1,800 to 2,000 square feet, with staging costs averaging around $5,000 for a four-month period. Now, let’s break down why this investment can significantly benefit you:

1. Emotional connection. The primary advantage of professional staging is its ability to evoke an emotional response from potential buyers. When buyers walk into a staged home, they can envision themselves living there. This emotional connection often plays a pivotal role in their decision-making process. Buyers ultimately decide based on how they feel in the space, making staging a powerful advantage over vacant or minimally furnished homes.

“Professional staging gives you a competitive edge in the market.”

2. Optimal room setup. Professional staging ensures each room is presented in its best light. Many homeowners struggle to arrange their rooms effectively, especially in homes with challenging layouts. Staging resolves this by showcasing appropriate furniture sizes that enhance flow and functionality. Buyers can better visualize the potential of the space, as opposed to struggling to imagine it themselves.

3. Highlighting architectural features. Staging draws attention to the home’s architectural highlights while diverting focus from minor flaws or wear and tear. Buyers are guided to appreciate the property’s strengths rather than being distracted by imperfections. This strategic emphasis enhances overall appeal and perception.

Staging isn’t just about making your home look nice—it’s a strategic investment that can yield substantial returns. If you’re looking to optimize your home sale, staging is a proven tool to enhance buyer perception and elevate your selling experience. I consistently recommend staging for all the homes I sell. By maximizing your home’s presentation, you significantly increase your potential to achieve a higher sale price. Feel free to call or email me with any questions or for further advice. Let’s make your home sale a success!

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