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By Shawn Manderscheid

As a licensed Real Estate Professional for 25+ years, consistently performing in the Top 1% of Houston Realtors, Shawn is truly a treasure in the real estate field.

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Buying a house can be an exciting journey, but it’s also a significant financial decision. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or experienced in the real estate market, one question remains paramount: Is your agent truly looking out for your best interests?

The answer lies in understanding the dynamics of the agent-buyer relationship and ensuring it’s backed by concrete agreements. Here’s what you need to know to safeguard your interests:

1. Contracts and agreements. In the realm of real estate, everything revolves around contracts and agreements. As a buyer, you wield power by having a representative – your agent – dedicated to safeguarding your interests. In Texas, for instance, a Buyer Representation Agreement formalizes this professional relationship, outlining fiduciary duties that bind the agent to prioritize your needs.

2. Information about brokerage services. Before delving into property transactions, agents are obligated to provide buyers with an “Information About Brokerage Services” document. This disclosure clarifies the roles of agents when representing buyers or sellers or acting as intermediaries. Crucially, it underscores the distinction between agents serving sellers and those dedicated to buyers’ interests.

“The key to ensuring your agent is working for you lies in formal agreements and a clear understanding of fiduciary duties.”

3. Fiduciary duties. Signing a Buyer Representation Agreement establishes a crucial legal framework. Without it, the agent is technically beholden to the seller, even when engaging with buyers. This underscores the importance of formalizing the relationship to ensure undivided loyalty and diligent representation.

4. Professional expertise. A seasoned agent brings invaluable expertise to the table. Their experience in negotiation and network of industry professionals can significantly impact the outcome of a transaction. Whether liaising with inspectors or negotiating with contractors, their role is pivotal in securing favorable terms for their clients.

5. Clear representation. Transparency is key. A trustworthy agent is forthright about their role in the transaction. Whether representing sellers or buyers, they should explicitly state their allegiance and ensure their actions align with their clients’ interests.

By establishing a solid foundation grounded in mutual trust and transparency, buyers can navigate the complex world of real estate with confidence, knowing their interests are prioritized every step of the way. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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