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By Shawn Manderscheid

As a licensed Real Estate Professional for 25+ years, consistently performing in the Top 1% of Houston Realtors, Shawn is truly a treasure in the real estate field.

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As a real estate professional, I’ve noticed a crucial factor that often gets overlooked in buying and selling homes: the importance of poise and confidence. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, the way you present yourself can significantly impact the outcome of a transaction.

The pitfall of desperation. For sellers, appearing desperate can be a major turnoff for potential buyers. I recently experienced this firsthand when I arranged to show a home to a buyer. Before we even visited, the listing agent reached out, emphasizing how “extremely motivated” and almost desperate the seller was to make a deal. This approach, rather than attracting my buyer, could potentially repel them.

Psychology of negotiation. It’s important to understand that people are generally more motivated by the fear of loss than the opportunity to gain. A seller who appears desperate is seen as offering an opportunity for gain, which, ironically, tends to drive buyers away. Conversely, projecting confidence, even if you’ve been on the market for a while, can create a fear of missing out, making your property more attractive.

“Whether you're buying or selling, maintaining poise and confidence is crucial.”

Maintaining a strong position. As a seller, maintain a strong, poised position, projecting that you’re confident in your property’s value, regardless of how long it’s been on the market. From my experience, this approach yields better results than showing urgency or desperation.

Advice for buyers. On the flip side, buyers should also be aware of their demeanor, especially considering that many homes have surveillance cameras. Showing too much eagerness or desperation for a property can weaken your negotiating position. It’s better to express interest confidently without giving the impression that you’re willing to go to any lengths to secure the property.

Whether you’re buying or selling, maintaining poise and confidence is crucial. It sets the tone for a successful transaction and often leads to the best results. Remember, how you present yourself can be just as important as the transaction details.

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