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By Shawn Manderscheid

As a licensed Real Estate Professional for 25+ years, consistently performing in the Top 1% of Houston Realtors, Shawn is truly a treasure in the real estate field.

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Today, let’s delve into one of my favorite parts of being a real estate agent: negotiation. Negotiation hinges on delivering information effectively; you need to strike a delicate balance between being firm and being adaptable. 

To be a great negotiator, you need to understand your most important needs and be willing to walk away if they aren’t met. This applies to home prices or inspection-related repairs, ensuring clarity about your non-negotiables.

If you have a representative like me, make sure you share your minimum standards privately before negotiations. For instance, if you want a home listed at $750,000 but are aiming for $700,000, avoid starting with $700,000 upfront. This strategy allows negotiation room without appearing unreasonable.

“Always keep the door open for future negotiations.”

Negotiate strategically and push boundaries while remaining within the realm of reason. The goal is to go as far as possible without being perceived as unreasonable, fostering a collaborative middle ground. Remember, maintain a professional attitude—avoid being a bully since it triggers defense mechanisms that can lead to the other side shutting down any further negotiations with you.

Always keep the door open for future collaboration by handling disagreements professionally. You never know how circumstances may change, making it valuable to preserve positive relationships. 

If you have questions about how to find a real estate agent that will be a master negotiator for you, please call or email me. I am always willing to help!

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